Bernstein conducts Mahler


yes but Glenn Gould

Floor Music of the WeekKsenia Semenova (RUS) 2008

"I’m going to get to play alongside the best in the world. Not only with Leo, but with Neymar, Luis Suarez… It’s amazing. That experience of when you open the door to the locker room and see so many good players, it feels like I am in the a dream of a child. I’m so happy."
- Jeremy Mathieu (via kunned)
"I feel very comfortable with my new teammates. Before coming, I imagined Barça as a locker room with many great people, cracks. All with different personalities. Jordi Alba had said to me: ‘It sure is a peaceful, united and ambitious place’. I’m usually very introverted, preferring to watch and listen. Now I am in the locker room trying to talk to everyone and learn. Change can be hard, but I talk more now than before, and when I met everyone here, everything felt much better."
- Jeremy Mathieu (via kunned)


el abuelo de mi amigo entró a su casa y le dijo a la mamá “iva decime que se siente, tener en casa a tu papá”

les juro que no puedo parar de reirme