Lucho during Barça-Athletic Bilbao



Call to the gymternet!  The delightful Deanne Soza has contracted a very serious eye infection, which affects obviously not only her gymnastics, but potentially her ability to see. 

So what can we do?

I’m hoping that maybe we can send her something to cheer her up a little.  My idea is to take pictures that you, the amazing gymternet, take/draw/create and put those onto a card for her. 

Maybe it’s a picture of a get well sign that you’re holding up for her, maybe it’s a drawing of her you made while you were bored in class, maybe it’s one of those fancy edits that all the kids are doing these days.  Whatever you would like to share that is appropriate and uplifting. 

There is room for about 30 pictures on the card.  Perhaps if we get billions of fabulous submissions, we’ll send more cards.  But for now it would be awesome if we could put 30 pictures on this card, and send it to Arete. 

If you’d like to participate, and I hope that you do because Deanne is incredible, either post your picture here, or email it to me at 



  • fearless platinum edition: you'll come in with the rain
  • speak now deluxe edition: come back, come back, come back to me
  • red deluxe edition: come back, be here, come back, be here

Odessa, Ukraine.

this or that: gymnastics edition (send me a number)

  • ---feel free to add more---
  • 1. standing fulls or standing arabians?
  • 2. patterson dismount or full in dismount?
  • 3. silivas vs shushunova or miller vs gutsu?
  • 4. piked or laid out jaeger?
  • 5. yurchenkos or front-handsprings?
  • 6. grishina’s choreo or afan’s choreo?
  • 7. bejing olympics or london?
  • 8. 2008 us olympic team or 2012?
  • 9. Y turns or L turns?
  • 10. 2000 russian olympic team or 2012?
  • 11. mostepanova or omelianchik?
  • 12. deng linlin’s beam or sui lu’s?
  • 13. 2008 chinese olympic team or 2012?
  • 14. larisa iordache’s beam or catalina’s?
  • 15. sheep jumps or switch ring leaps?
  • 16. piked or laid out tkatchevs?
  • 17. russia's 2012 tf leotard or quals leotard?
  • 18. mustafina dismount or the fabrichnova?
  • 19. lysenko or gutsu?
  • 20. 2000 romanian olympic team or 2004?
  • 21. simone's floor or aly raisman's?
  • 22. maroney's amanar or biles' amanar?
  • 23. 2011 worlds or 2010 worlds?
  • 24. fierce five or the mag 7?
  • 25. gabby douglas' aa win or nastia liukin's?
  • 26. he kexin's bars or yao jinnan's?
  • 27. perfect 10 scoring system or the current scoring system?
  • 28. mustafina's bars or komova's?
  • 29. nastia's onodi or aliya's?
  • 30. chow or mihai?

Argentinian gymnasts in the late 90’s were obsessed with the Kochetkova+Rulfova combination on beam and I love it.




Ivan Vasiliev rehearsing TRIPLE CABRIOLES in slow motion 




"Encore" - Thilo Wolf Jazz-Quartett & Berliner Saxophon-Ensemble / "Lorelei (Somebody Loves You)" - Rául Di Blasio (x)


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